Hdmi Over Cat5


The following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for hdmi over cat5 technology addresses both the pre-buying and setup aspects of extender and wall plates. If you have a problem or question not answered on this page, please contact us.

Pre Buying Questions

Q. Is It Possible That Hdmi Signal Transmission Through Internet?

A. Hdmi version 1.4 comes with a new technology called Hdmi Ethernet Channel. This technology lets devices to share internet connection within an hdmi cable without any other equipment. But this doesn’t mean you can extend hdmi data through internet. Read the details from hdmi authority site.

Q. Can I Extend My Remote Control by Hdmi Over Cat5 Extender?

A. Yes, It is possible to extend ir remote control signals at the same time by extending hdmi data. But not all of the extenders support this option, before buying an extender you should check the product’s spec for this purpose. I recommend you to read our hdmi over cat5 extender page.

Installation and Setup Issues

Q. What is the Reason for Hdmi to Cat5 No Audio Problem?

A. The source of this problem may be a few points. The resolution between the source and the target device could be mismatch, like 1080i/1080p. We often see that hand-made network cables are not prepared properly and it is likely to be in the wrong color orders.

Network Cables

Q. Which network cable sould I choose STP / UTP Cable ?

A. Twisted network cablesThis depends on where you want to install your network cables. STP/UTP basicly are network cables produced as twisted pairs that means each color group twisted as group. And UTP/STP has four group cables these are green, blue, brown, purple. STP’s big advantage is it has a shield between each twisteed group and outside of all groups that helps to protect each cable has no change to effect from electro magnetic surface. If your place has so issue you should use STP type cable. You cand read more detailed information about network cables by visiting wikipedia.