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Long Hdmi Cable – Alternative Solutions

Using a long hdmi cable rather than hdmi over cat5 extender is often the asking question. Everybody aware that coaxial cables are widely-used to broadcast analog video for long distances without a trouble. The greatest video quality currently is HDMI, but when Dvi and Hdmi enter the market, lots of people had problems operating signals through lengthy distances. HDMI technology has been designed to use typical copper wire, so hdmi cable is developed from twisted sets of copper conductors along with tiny-gauge.

long hdmi cable - 50 feet - 15m

One of the long hdmi cable at market

HDMI authority identifies the specified performance of the cable however doesn’t identify a maximal cable’s length. Virtually any HDMI cable you get will probably support as much as 1080p. For extended HDMI cables the cable quality is much more critical. Although a heavy wire gauge is effective, reduced “skew” levels will be more critical, so it is the entire assembly quality that matters most.

The receiver chip inside the TV or projector additionally performs a major factor.

What Is The Optimum Long Hdmi Cable Length ?

HDMI supports standard copper cables at lengths up to 50 feet (15 meters). HDMI use Transistion Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) to send data over twisted pair cables. Differential signaling is an effective way of sending signals over long distances, but as distances increase, bandwidth decreases.

You can check this search result for long hdmi cable at market, you will see there is no more than 50 feet hdmi cable.

If you find a 50-foot HDMI cable, you should check vendors compliance testing certificate which will show you It’s passed testing, and what hdmi spec version (Ver 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 vs..).

When a HDMI cable length gets too long the signal starts to lose strength. This results in a picture distortion, sparklies, which is where single pixels drop out of the picture, or no picture display at all, only sound capabilities. If any of these problems occur than the cable length is too long, and the signal needs to be adjusted by additional devices.

There are many HDMI Adapters working on HDMI solutions that extend a cable’s effective distance from the typical 10 meter range to much longer lengths. There are several excellent ways to extend the length of the HDMI cable run and still keep the signal effectiveness.

Long Hdmi Cable Solutions At Market:

1) Hdmi signal extender can be another selection which could expand the HDMI cable run length, and maintain a robust signal in position. This product start with an enhance process and after that lengthens the signal lower the length of the cable following the signal is received. You can also check our hdmi over cat5 extender page for more information.

2) HDMI signal booster works as a gadget which is smartly positioned to enhance the signal across the long cable running sessions. HDMI cable will begin to drop signal weight when around 15 to 50 ft, based on the excellence of the cable, which commonly produce screen issues. A signal booster will provides the signal a good start in order that it continues solid over the length of a longer cable. A few HDMI cables above seventy feet long contain an integrated signal booster inside the cable.

3) HDMI signal restorer re-synchronizes the signal arriving in back up to the initial HDMI specifications. This electronic equipment is tiny and operated by using a transformer. The restorer is positioned close to the end of the cable operate, through the display unit and can also restore a 1080p signal even if the cable sending the signal is specified for the lower rate. A signal restorer may lengthen a operational signal approximately forty meters.

4) Hdmi signal equalizer for HDMI cable is known as a system that can help in order to keep the first signal energy and quality through extended HDMI cable runs. A HDMI signal equalizer can also be referred to as a signal enhancer, due to the fact which it improves the signal, and after that it cleans away any kind of unwanted noise interference. This product doesn’t eliminate any of the shiny colors or even the dynamics of the HD technology.

5) HDMI signal repeater extends the size of any HDMI cable by regenerating the HDMI signal before it outputs for the HDMI monitor or projector. The HDMI Repeater will remove the digital sparkles inside your picture. HDMI Repeater is linked with a HDMI (male to male) cable from your computer HDMI graphic port towards HDMI Repeater input. The device output works on the 2nd HDMI (male to male) cable to go from the output to any HDMI display or projector using a HDMI connector. The product is positioned close to the display to cut out any noise that’s been produced by using a long HDMI cable.

6) Fiber Optic Cables – To completely enhance the length of an efficient HDMI cable run, fiber optic cable is a wonderful but probably extremely pricey method. This sort of cable is usually utilized following the 150 ft maximum operate distance has been reached with HDMI cable. Fiber optic cable can easily provide the productive run of HDMI cable to a maximum of 1600 feet.


long hdmi cable - ConclusionHDMI is known as a digital technology (1 and 0). So, Result will likely be success or not. Whether the signal is sufficiently strong to offer a superior quality image, or it’s not strong enough to grant the specified success. If the signal is just not strong enough, then simply frequently graphic deformation or simply basically no image in anyway will be the final result. The alternative selected from those that are as listed above to extend the powerful signal across the extended cable operate will be based simply about what the entire length of the cable run is going to be.


Several alternatives enables longer works to become more efficient rather than additional selections. The correct answer is the fact that HDMI will probably assistance extended cable lengths along with extra systems and products, however HDMI will not support very Long Hdmi Cable lengths by itself without having additional systems added in.